Event Recap: Meat Less Meet More Fundraiser For Mercy For Animals India at Akina, Mumbai

In the heart of Mumbai, the restaurant Akina transformed into a haven of compassion and culinary delights as it hosted a highly anticipated Meat Less Meet More event. This gathering wasn’t just about delicious plant-based dishes; it was a celebration of kindness, a fundraiser for animals, and a powerful statement of cruelty-free living. 

Hosts Amy and Shreya Lead the Charge 

Dynamic duo Amy Aela and Shreya Ghodawat spearheaded the event, and their passion for animal welfare brought together a diverse group of activists, influencers, actors, and supporters under one roof. The duo’s commitment to the cause was evident in every detail, from the meticulously curated menu to the thoughtful collaborations with event partners. The hosts extended a special thank-you to Nikunj Sharma, CEO of Mercy For Animals India, whose dedication continues to make a significant impact for animals.


A Culinary Extravaganza 

Guests enjoyed a feast of vegan delicacies that left taste buds tingling. From a stunning sushi tower to an exquisite macaron tower, the culinary offerings proved that compassionate eating doesn’t mean compromising flavour. Japanese rice pancakes (okonomiyaki), crispy shiitake salad, robata soya skewers with Korean chilli by Good Dot—each dish was a masterpiece, showcasing the diversity and richness of plant-based cuisine. 


Sweet Indulgences by Ode to Gaia 

Ode to Gaia took the dessert experience to new heights with its luxury vegan desserts. The sweet creations not only delighted the palate but shattered any preconceived notions about the limitations of plant-based desserts. Each bite was a symphony of flavours, leaving everyone in awe of the culinary artistry. 


Stars Align for a Cause 

The event saw a star-studded guest list, with actors and influencers coming together to support Mercy For Animals. Celebrities Sneha Ullal, Vedhika, Namrata Sethi, Shreya Sharma, Neha Ranglani, Mala, Sonya Saamoor, Jasmine, Karanvir Sharma, and Nia Sharma, as well as climate and animal rights activists Saakshi Kapoor Teckchandani and Kuntal Joisher, were among the luminaries who amplified the message of compassion and love for animals. 


Gratitude to Event Management Team Magnanimous 

The event management team Magnanimous played a pivotal role in ensuring the evening’s seamless execution, creating an atmosphere that was both enchanting and purposeful. 

The Camera’s Flash: Capturing Moments, Creating Awareness 

Amid this star-studded affair, photographers added an extra layer of excitement, capturing not only the glamour but the compassion on display. The presence of photographers underscored the significance of the event, their beautiful shots preserving the moment and raising awareness for the cause.


A Resounding Success 

As the evening unfolded, it became clear that the Meat Less Meet More event was more than just a dinner; it was a movement. Its success, measured not only in funds raised but in hearts touched and perspectives changed, was a testament to the growing wave of compassion sweeping through the city. The echoes of laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the shared commitment to a kinder world lingered long after the event had ended. Meat Less Meet More at Akina Mumbai was a triumph—an ode to compassion, a feast for the senses, and a rallying cry for a future where animals are no longer a commodity but cherished companions on this shared journey of life.