Meat Is Melting the Planet: Mercy For Animals Activists Share a Crucial Message in Raipur for World Environment Day

In a striking demonstration held ahead of World Environment Day, Mercy For Animals India activists gathered in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, to deliver a powerful message about the environmental impact of meat production and consumption.

The scene was set with a symbolic melting globe, alongside activists dressed in full-black costumes holding a giant fork and knife and placards proclaiming, “Meat is Melting the Planet: Choose Vegan.”

The demonstration aimed to spotlight the significant role of meat production in driving climate change. With rising sea levels, intensified storms, floods, and melting Himalayas, India faces the worst effects of climate change. Raising animals for meat and dairy is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and adopting a vegan diet is the single most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Food systems are responsible for at least one-third of global greenhouse emissions, with industrial animal agriculture alone accounting for 20%. In India, the livestock industry, which includes 303 million cattle, is the leading source of the nation’s methane emissions. Methane is particularly potent, trapping over 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide in the short term.

India ranks as the world’s third-largest emitter of methane, with livestock responsible for about 48% of these emissions. As India continues on a path of economic growth, balancing development with environmental stewardship becomes increasingly critical. The urgency to transition to plant-based diets is underscored by the need to mitigate the severe impacts of climate change. 


Through this powerful demonstration, Mercy For Animals India activists have highlighted the urgent need for dietary changes to protect the planet. 

The message was clear:

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is a crucial step towards a sustainable future.

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Learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world by visiting Mercy For Animals’ website and considering a plant-based diet. Together, we can make a difference.