Vegan Recipes to Make Diwali Extra Special

Diwali, the festival of lights, is India’s most awaited holiday. Families come together to prepare for this festival weeks in advance. Celebrations include lighting diyas, performing pujas, adorning homes with rangoli, sharing presents, and feasting on wonderful dishes and sweets. Delicious home-cooked meals make the festival so memorable, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite plant-based Diwali recipes that are guaranteed to impress your family and guests!

Vegan Diwali Appetizers


Also known as gujias, karanji are deep-fried dumplings filled with shredded coconut and dried fruit and shaped into half-moon treats. Yum!

Spicy Cocktail Peanuts

Reminiscent of Indian street food, this easy-to-make salty snack combines peanuts, onions, and coriander and pairs well with cocktails and mocktails.

Saffron Shankarpali

A must-have for any Indian event! This delicious snack will take less than an hour to prepare.

Chivda Namkeen 
Made with deep-fried beaten rice, roasted gram, cashews, peanuts, and chilli powder, chivda namkeen can be stored for weeks and enjoyed through the festive season.

Plant-Based Main Courses

Chole Bhature

Guests look forward to this lip-snacking treat at most Diwali dinners. Since the dawn of time, the chole-bhature combo has been winning hearts.

Malai Kofta

Vegan malai kofta is a dish to make and flaunt when your entire family is over for a Diwali party.

Dal Makhani

Creamy and so comforting, dal makhani has a signature silky texture and is packed with flavour.

Mattar Paneer

Another tasty plant-based option to serve with puris or pulao!


If you’ve wanted to try khadi but haven’t because it contains yoghurt, this vegan kadhi is a game changer.

Vegan Diwali Desserts

Gajar ka Halwa 

According to Veggiecurean, the key to this recipe is slowly simmering shredded carrots with milk, sugar, and nuts until the carrots caramelise. Doesn’t this dish sound amazing?


We can’t forget about kheer, can we? Anyone can veganise one of India’s most popular delicacies. Take a look at the recipe!

Besan Ladoo

Now you can eat as many ladoos as you like without feeling guilty. This recipe uses shredded coconut, cocoa butter, and coconut sugar.


Burfi is commonly served during festivals and religious occasions. This yummy dessert has an earthy taste and comes in many flavours, including mango, rose, chocolate, and cashew.

Rava Ladoo

Another delicious ladoo, this version is made with rava (semolina). Rava is a great source of protein, low in calories, and pretty darn good mixed with coconut sugar, nuts, and spices.

Now that you’re ready for Diwali, we would love to hear from you. If you try any of the recipes, do share a photo and tag us on social media!