For World Egg Day, Women Activists Cage Themselves to Depict the Suffering of Cruelly Confined Laying Hens

On World Egg Day, activists from Mercy For Animals India Foundation held a demonstration at Jantar Mantar, Delhi, urging people to be more compassionate by choosing plant-based foods. Female volunteers packed themselves inside huge cages, wearing white, bloodied clothes, and held placards that read ‘Hens Suffer for Eggs; Go Vegan’. 

Over four crore hens are confined in cruel battery cages in India. Hens used for eggs endure a nightmarish life that is cut short at around two years. Laying hens typically have a portion of their beaks removed, often with a burning-hot blade and no painkillers. Worse, most of the country’s eggs come from battery-cage farms that allot each bird cage-floor space about the size of an A-4 sheet of paper, which prevents the hens from spreading their wings or doing much else that comes naturally to them. 

You can make a difference for hens by signing this petition to get #batterycages banned: