Member of Parliament Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Narrates the Gripping Story of Asha the Calf

India, the world’s largest milk producer, is largely unaware of the cruelty inflicted by the dairy industry. Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, parliamentary member and the founder and chairperson of People for Animals, narrates the gripping story of Asha, a newborn calf, and many others who share her fate. The video depicts the harrowing cruelties commonly suffered by animals used for milk, such as starving male calves to death, artificially inseminating cows, injecting oxytocin (an illegal substance), and forcing animals to stand in their own feces.

Watch the video to see for yourself.

You can help spare calves, cows, and buffaloes the cruelty of dairy production. It’s as simple as choosing more delicious plant-based versions of milk and other dairy products, which are also better for the environment and human health. What are you waiting for?!