On Mother’s Day, Integrative Nutritionist Neha Ranglani Urges Mothers To Raise Children On A Vegan Diet

To commemorate Mothers’ Day, Mercy For Animals India Foundation has partnered with renowned integrative health coach, nutritionist and corporate speaker, Neha Ranglani to inspire mothers to adopt and raise their children on a plant-based/vegan lifestyle that is not only kinder to animals and the planet but also healthy for children. Neha addresses the common concerns of mothers in this video by talking about the various health benefits of raising kids on a plant-based lifestyle. 

“Children raised on a vegan diet are as strong as kids who consume animal products such as milk and dairy derivatives in terms of bones and muscles.” says Neha Ranglani, Integrative nutritionist. “Adolescents raised on a vegan diet have lesser chances of developing acne, allergies and gut issues than their peers who eat animal products.” adds Neha. 

Mercy For Animals, India believes in taking measurable steps to build a new food system that no longer exploits animals, the planet, or our health. We believe this move will help in reducing the suffering of millions of farmed animals trapped in the food system.