How Your Contribution Helps Farmed Animal Welfare in India

A harsh reality—animals are often hidden victims of a system that prioritises production over welfare in India. From factory farms to slaughterhouses and the dairy industry, countless animals endure lives of suffering. But there’s a force for change: animal welfare organisations like Mercy For Animals. This nonprofit organisation is creating a significant impact in the lives of countless voiceless animals. Your donation promotes kindness and can ease suffering for those who need it most.

The Plight of Animals in India

Confined and Suffering

Lakhs of animals in India’s factory farms are confined in spaces so small they can’t turn around or stretch their limbs. Imagine the plight of an animal trapped in a cage or crate, scared and longing to be free. As these sentient beings are reduced to mere commodities, this extreme confinement leads to physical and psychological suffering.

Lack of Humane Slaughter Practices

The journey from farm to plate is rife with cruelty. In many Indian slaughterhouses, animals are not stunned before slaughter, resulting in a terrifying and painful end to their lives. This is a stark reminder of the need for systemic change that an active charity for animals can promote.

Exploitation in the Dairy Industry

Cows and buffaloes in India’s dairies face a relentless cycle of pregnancy, separation from their calves, and milking. This exploitation leads to numerous health issues and a dramatically shortened life span. The calves taken from their mothers are not allowed to drink the milk that is meant for them. The ethical questions surrounding dairy consumption are more pressing than ever.

How Your Donation Can Make a Difference

Your support fuels our efforts to protect animals in India and promote a kinder food system:

  • Pushing for Stronger Laws to Protect Animals

Your charity for animals enables us to advocate stronger animal protection laws in India. Animal welfare organisations work with lawmakers to introduce and pass legislation that protects animals from cruelty and exploitation.

  • Raising Public Awareness 

Mercy For Animals conducts campaigns to educate people about the plight of farmed animals and the need for stronger animal protection laws and build public support for crucial changes.

  • Promoting Compassion

Our food choices impact the lives of countless animals. By funding campaigns that highlight the benefits of plant-based eating and promote kinder, more sustainable options, your donation helps reduce demand for animal products. This means fewer animals raised in factory farms—a win for animals and the planet!

  • Conducting Undercover Investigations

Animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses suffer behind closed doors. Your support enables investigations by trained professionals who gather evidence exposing cramped conditions, inadequate sanitation, and inhumane handling. This evidence helps us advance our policy and educational work.

Make Your Donation Count

Your generosity fuels the fight for animal welfare! Make a donation to support the influential work of Mercy For Animals India. By contributing, you become a key partner in creating a better future for animals in India. To make a contribution, visit


Imagine a world where every animal in India is treated with respect and compassion. This vision, once a dream, is now within reach thanks to the power of our growing community. Your donation, no matter the size, is crucial to a kinder future for all. Our generous supporters fuel our work and fill our hearts with gratitude. 

Considering joining the movement? Every action and contribution, big or small, helps create a powerful wave of compassion that can transform the lives of animals across India. Together, we can rewrite the narrative for animals in India. Visit Mercy For Animals India’s website to explore our work, and donate online to contribute to a noble cause.

With your help, we can create a world where everyone can thrive and where all animals are respected, protected, and free. Let’s make it happen!