New Netflix Documentary Exposes Devastation of Global Fishing Industry

A new documentary explores the devastating truth behind the global fishing industry. Set to debut on Netflix on March 24, Seaspiracy takes a deep dive into the many ways this industry harms animals and the planet.

Seaspiracy comes from filmmaker Kip Anderson. Known for groundbreaking vegan-friendly films Cowspiracy and What the Health, Anderson teamed up with directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi to create Seaspiracy. Ali Tabrizi said in a statement:

When we embarked on the journey to expose the leading threat to our seas, we had no idea of the sheer scale of what we were about to uncover. What made things even more shocking, though, was the fact governments and environmental groups are complicit and profiting off its demise.

Fish are some of the most abused animals on the planet. They also have the fewest advocates and legal protections. Humans kill billions of fish for food every year, along with other animals who are caught in the process. Because we’re emptying the oceans of fish, populations of animals who depend on these fish for survival are also in decline. Lucy Tabrizi said:

The fishing industry is secretly destroying our oceans at a rapid pace, and we hope that this groundbreaking new documentary will help people make the switch to plant-based seafood.

In 2018, video footage released by Mercy For Animals, SeaLegacy, Sharkwater, and Turtle Island Restoration Network revealed how marine animals—including dolphins, sea lions, and seabirds—are routinely trapped and killed in the commercial fishing industry’s driftnets.

Sadly, fish aren’t granted any protections from cruelty. Not a single law protects fish in the United States, whether they’re raised as pets, research subjects, or food.

Learn more about the global industry by checking out Seaspiracy when it debuts on Netflix on March 24 and encouraging your friends and family to do the same!

To start making a difference for our oceans today, download Mercy For Animals’ free Vegetarian Starter Guide for delicious plant-based recipes and tips.