This International Women’s Day, Mercy For Animals India Celebrates #WomenForAnimals

Women are taking charge, and their voices are being heard around the globe. As the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8, we’re highlighting seven inspiring women who have significantly impacted animals’ lives.

Each is leading the way to a better future for farmed animals through their extraordinary work and educating people about the benefits of choosing more plant-based options. Here are some of their motivational messages:

1. Alokparna Sengupta – Managing Director, Humane Society International India

“Everyone is born compassionate, but our realizations come at different points. In this distanced and seemingly more cruel world, every one can play a role in standing up for the marginalized—whether human or animal. Farm animals are one of the most ignored and exploited animals on this planet, and there is no better time than today, than now, to stand up for them—through our choices, through our decision and our conversations. The pandemic has taught us the importance of treating nature, including animals, well, and for the sustainability and health of the planet and our future generations, we must act now. Remember the dream to save the world one day? It is in your hands! You can save the world by your simple choice of eating more plant-based, choosing local and sustainable products, asking corporates to incorporate animal welfare in their policies, and showing your legislators that you care about the planet and they need to too! Act today, save your tomorrow.”


2. Anuradha Sawhney, Founder – Bombay Cheese Company

“The entire planet collectively has gone through so much in the past year. There is now a new normal, a new way of living life, physical distancing being the norm now, including from our loved ones. What we’ve all realised is that viruses from animals are jumping species as a result of the terrible conditions animals are kept in. As long as there are live-animal markets, this cross-species virus jumping will continue, leading to the emergence of new epidemic diseases.

For us to go back to how we were before COVID-19, we should immediately stop all the violence being inflicted upon animals under the guise of killing them for food, locking them up for education, making them perform unnatural acts for entertainment, wearing their skin, injecting them with poisons, and so much more.

There are so many healthy food options available in the market, including plant-based mock meats, cheeses, butters, ice cream, etc., to suit all palates.

As Louis Camuti said, ‘Never believe that animals suffer less than humans. Pain is the same for them that it is for us—even worse, because they cannot help themselves.’”


3. Anushka Manchanda/NUKA – Actor and Musician

“We’re all made of masculine and feminine energy both and I think in the world today now it’s time for more feminine energy from all of us, whether you are someone who identifies as a man or as a woman. I think we need the feminine energy of care, compassion, love, healing, growth and nurturing…and I think each one of us can start with ourselves and the simplest way to do it is by how you treat the people around you or how you treat the beings that are around you, who are living with you with you on this planet and what is on your plate. So I think it’s time for us to start caring.”


4. Sadaa Sayed – Actor and Owner of Earthlings’ Cafe

“It is a matter of great pride that the animal protection movement is largely led by women leaders. I am proud to be making plant-based eating affordably available to people and creating awareness that plant-based food not only saves animals but also the planet.”


5. Leah Garcés – President, Mercy For Animals

“I don’t know a woman who isn’t brave, strong, and living a life rooted in compassion. This is the kind of grit, determination, and kindness that we need to achieve a world compassionate to all living beings. So here’s to the women leading us to that better world! May you be celebrated and honored for all you do!”


6. Gauri Maulekhi – Trustee, People for Animals

“Women have historically been changemakers, be it gender equality, racism, or speciesism. The need of our times is to prevent the mass murder and sadistic cruelty [to] billions of animals worldwide. There is nothing more meaningful than bringing peace and love to a creature that cannot defend itself. It satisfies the most basic instinct of any woman, to nurture all life.”


7. Roshni Sanghvi – Plant-based fitness expert & Nutritionist

“Being on a plant- based diet is much more than being physically healthy for me. Eating the right food energises you on a spiritual level. You feel more connected and empathetic towards your environment and surroundings. It’s being aware of beings other than you. Just for feeling this sense of selflessness, everyone should adopt a plant- based lifestyle.”


The success of these incredible women and their work is great news for farmed animals. Cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals raised for food and clothing are subjected to unthinkable cruelties.

With more and more delicious vegan products hitting the market, there’s truly never been a better time to eat more plant-based foods.