Richa Moorjani Shares Her Vegan Journey in New Video and Photoshoot

Actor and activist Richa Moorjani teamed up with Mercy For Animals in Los Angeles for a stunning video and photoshoot.

Donning clothing from five vegan designer brands and shot by fashion celebrity photographer Devin Dygert, Richa shared her plant-based journey and why Mercy For Animals is close to her heart.

Richa shared that she became vegetarian 10 years ago while living in India, where the sights, smells, and sounds of the meat market had a profound impact on her. Dairy was soon to go after she learned about what happens to mother cows (and their babies) in the milk industry. Richa explains:

Animal welfare is so connected to all social justice causes. It’s connected to the environment, it’s connected to racism, it’s connected to supremacy—there are so many causes that all fall under this umbrella of animal welfare. And I think if more people realised that, people would realise how important it is.

Richa wore designer clothing from Delikate RayneBenedetti LifeMink ShoesVeerah, and Taylor + Thomas. She was styled by plant-based designers Meg and Komie Vora and had her makeup and hair done by Natalie Malchev and Anoosha Ahmad. The gorgeous images were retouched by Nadia Selander. The shoot was catered by Veganics Catering.

Richa is a true inspiration, and we are so proud to partner with her and spread the message of kindness, love, and the desire to create a better, more compassionate food system.