[Video] Mercy For Animals India Vegan Potluck in Delhi’s Sunder Nursery

Ready for a journey that will both whet your appetite and warm your heart? Well, we’ve got an exciting video that highlights the recent vegan potluck that Mercy For Animals India organised in Delhi! 

Picture this: a sunny day outdoors, where people gathered for a celebration of compassion and good food. This potluck wasn’t just for veggie lovers; it welcomed everyone with open arms, spreading a message of kindness for all beings. 

Now for the star of the show—the food! From traditional Indian delights, like chole kulche and aloo paratha, to international favourites, such as pizza and pasta with white sauce, there was something to please everyone’s taste buds. And let’s not forget the sweet treats—brownies, chocolate cake, and ragi laddus—because no gathering is complete without dessert. 

But there’s more! We enjoyed beetroot raita, buttermilk, soya chaap, poha, kanji tofu salad, and even fried idli. The range of dishes showed that vegan food isn’t just about salads (although we love those too!)—it is diverse, flavourful, and downright drool-worthy. 

Now, on to the video! You will see all the mouthwatering dishes, glimpse some of the lively discussions and laughter that filled the air, and enjoy a fun quiz! 

But beyond the food and laughter, this potluck had a deeper purpose. It was about coming together as a community to show that making compassionate choices isn’t just easy—it’s delicious! Whether you’re a seasoned vegan, a curious vegetarian, or a die-hard meat eater, there’s a place for you at the table. So, here’s to more potlucks, more delicious food, and more compassion for all! Because when we come together, magic happens. And who knows? Maybe the next time we gather, we’ll have even more mouths to feed and hearts to touch. Until then, keep spreading kindness, one meal at a time!