Fish Welfare Initiative and Mercy For Animals India Sign Memorandum of Understanding

To advance their shared interest in reducing suffering for farmed animals, Mercy For Animals India and Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) have signed a memorandum of understanding. The world’s fastest-growing food sector is farmed fish, and as aquaculture increases, more people become reliant on fisheries, and more fish are farmed. 

Most farmed fish are subjected to overcrowded and restrictive confinement, which leads to severe stress, poor water quality, and more fish deaths.

As aquaculture grows, fish welfare must grow too. To that end, Mercy For Animals India will work with FWI in the following areas:

Government affairs and public policy: We will support each other in developing strategies for government affairs and policy work and will share relevant contacts.

Communications and public engagement: We will support each other in developing communications and public outreach strategies, including for social media. We will reference each other in public communications where appropriate.

Corporate engagement: We will support each other in engaging corporations to help them implement strong animal-welfare policies.

Movement building: We will team up to carry out programmes to support and grow the Indian animal protection movement, possibly including retreats.

Research: We will collaborate on research, including field research.